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Welcome to the world of Kiefer_Sutherland!

     When I founded this list in early August 2000, I had no idea it would grow into anything like this. I knew about the other Sutherland mailinglists and accepted the fact that my little new probably wouldn't draw that much attention. As the weeks passed more and more members started to show up, though. Everybody seemed to really enjoy our little community and not a day passed without little comments about Kiefer, pictures or just friendly chit-chat. Then, only days ago, we started talking about the possibility of a website for the list. A place which could inform others of our existents. A place for the beautiful art some members made. In short: a place for Kiefer_Sutherland about Kiefer Sutherland. And here we already are. Michelle immediately started building a page and has she done a great job!

     But what is it really that makes people from all around the globe meet up in cyperspace and talk like old friends? It can be everything and nothing. In this case, it's the very talented actor Kiefer Sutherland. It's always wonderful to find others with the same interest and yet completely different points of views. We all admire Mr. Sutherland, some even adore him, others focus on his acting talents alone. There's room enough for all the different kinds of fans.

     So Kiefer, if you ever read this; you're a gifted young man and we'll always believe in you. Thank you for just being there.

     Well, enough of me. Enjoy the site and hopefully -if you're not there already- I'll see you on the list!

     Thank you to all the members on Kiefer_Sutherland for making it such a nice place to be, and a special big thank you to Michelle for making this site for us all!

Lise Ulrich
List Owner
October 17th 2000


This is the list owner speaking.
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A few RULES here:

You may send pictures to the list, but please avoid sending very large files (wallpapers and such).

Please, when talking about a movie, use SPOILER SPACE if necessary. There's nothing more annoying than getting a movie spoiled by mistake.
(If you are not familiar with this word -spoiler space- you can seen an example in the bottom of this mail).

Off topics are allowed as well as fanfic.

No spam!

Keep the language clean. You know what I mean.

Fights and dirty gossip will not be tolerated!!!

Hope you'll have a good time here. We're looking forward to hear from you on the list :-)

list owner

About spoiler space:
when talking about a movie you can't be sure that everyone's seen it, of course. Therefor, if you write about something that involve the movies plot/ending, use spoiler space to warn the other members.
Example here:

"I just saw Lost Boys for the first time and there are a few things I would like to ask you guys...
"Well, first of all in the ending where..."

-Get the idea?


CJS, LDFF and RF -what is all this?!

     Sometimes, instead of writing the full name of a movie it's a lot easier to write it 'in short'. Example: "I just love 'The Lost Boys!" instead you can write: "I just love LB!". Of course, this may cause some confusion since nobody can learn all those 'short names' right away and many doesn't know the names of all of Kiefer's movies. Bear with eachother if the system 'cracks'.

     It may be a good idea to copy this list of titles for further use.

Max Dugan Returns: MDR
The Bay Boy: BB
Trapped in Silence: TC
Stand By Me: SBM
Crazy Moon: CM
Brotherhood of Justice: BJ
At Close Range: ATC
The Lost Boys: LB
The Killing Time: KT
Young Guns: YG
Promised Land: PL
Bright Lights, Big City: BLBC
1969: well...let's just keep that one, shall we?
Renegades: hm...R??
Flatliners: F??
Young Guns II: YG2
The Nutcracker Prince: NP
Flashback: Fb??
Chicago Joe and the Showgirl: CJS
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me: TwinP
A Few Good Men: FGM
Article 99: A99
Last Light: LL
The Threee Musketeers: TM
The Vanishing: TV
Fallen Angels: FA
The Cowboy Way: CW
Teresa's Tattoo: TT
Armitage III: AIII
Hourglass: Hg
Duke of Groove: DG
Eye for an Eye: EAE
A Time To Kill: ATTK
Freeway: Fw
The Last Days of Frankie the Fly: LDFF
N.M.Truth or Consequences: ToC
Dark City: DC
A Soldiers Sweetheart: SS
The Break Up: BU
Ground Control: GC
Woman Wanted: WW
After Alice: AA
Beat: hm...Beat??
Picking Up the Pieces: PUP
Ring of Fire: RF
To End All Wars: EAW
The Royal Way: RW
The Right Temptation: RT
Desert Saints: DS

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